Here we go!

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Here we go!

Postby hwy8 » Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:24 am

I have to admit that for the past five or six years, my E12 has been mostly troublefree and I haven't had to do the troubleshooting many have. This last fall all of that changed: I used a tiller with a broken breaker, so I hot wired it and a friend had my lift so I rigged up a chain to adjust the height. It was all working so well that I became over confident and started tilling as deep as it would go until there was a bolt of lightning beneath the seat and a battery post melted completely off! Wow! Closer inspection showed a somewhat loose clamp. I drilled and tapped the post and cleaned and tightened all my connections: The accessories worked and the tractor didn't. I troubleshot and replaced a couple of parts and gave up as cold weather came and stayed. It was really the first time I needed to look at the schematics and I realized how little I know about my tractor's "guts".

After that, I visited a friend and he had an E20 filled with mice nests and he was feeling generous and after some trading, it came home via the do-it-yourself carwash. After I cleaned everything out, I decided to retire the E12 and this is going to be my "hauler". All I have to remember is, "Just get it running, DON'T TAKE IT COMPLETELY APART!" The pictures show it ready to be started. You might be able to see the melted/hot wires at the buss strap behind the steering column. The fiber standoff was burned and the connectors on the card had crumbled so I got new parts from Harold. The wires have chewed insulation but I believe heat shrink will take care of them and I bought a number tape set from Home Depot. I suspect I'll be asking for help soon.....Burt
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Re: Here we go!

Postby Jeff Antonucci » Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:52 pm

Burt - Overcurrent events like that can be really hard to resolve because so many things can go bad at once. Some problems like bad contactors you can't tell by looking at them. If I were you I might be tempted to tear all the wiring out and make sure everything is OK before I reinstalled it. Use all new cards and contactors, or now might be the time to go to a modern electronic controller.
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