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Hedge Trimmer

Postby EtnaInst » Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:02 pm

What happens when the Hedge Trimmer (TH70) decides that its power cord is a hedge??? There is a brief moment of excitement and sparks, followed by a long silence, broken only by expressions of amazement and frustration.

Since the point of injury (to the cord) was very near the handle of the Power Handle (TM3), it seemed best to remove that short portion and re-connect the remainder of the cord. A few unscrews later all was reveled, except for how to actually make the electrical connections to the on/off switch. The wires just disappear into small holes in the switch body.

It turns out that the holes contain self-locking jaws (much like the "do-not-use" push-in connections on some electric outlets and switches). The stranded wire was soldered solid for about 1/4" to make it possible to press it into the connection point. To remove the old wires, press alongside the wires with a slim pointed tool, releasing the jaws.

The trimmer once again works well, as long as the operator watches where that cord is, something that is easy to forget in these days of cordless tools. Its main job is to trim the sides of the paths that lead through the meadow down to the woods. These paths are 42" wide (coincidentally just the width of the mower deck...) but the grasses and other plants like to grow so as to narrow the paths. A pass with the hedge trimmer, followed by a mowing pass, and all is open and clear again (for a couple of weeks). Since the mower deck is on the E15, whose brakes are frozen, this gives a good excuse to use the I-5 for the trimming, thereby achieving a 2-tractor day!
Larry Chace, Ithaca, NY I-5 and E15
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Re: Hedge Trimmer

Postby Housewiz » Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:18 pm

Hey Larry,

I have done the same thing with my miter saw!! And of course with the mile-long extension cord I use to drag around behind the corded grass trimmer - that process came to a rapid halt when I bought that slick cordless B&D 36v cordless time-saver.

Happy trimming!

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