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Front platform lift-BL36

Postby Tom/HRS » Fri Oct 10, 2014 5:31 pm

I have been surpirsed by the number of attachments & tools that GE made to go with the Elec-Trak. The one that I noticed a short time ago, that feels like it could be both very useful to me, and not that hard to make is the “Front platform lift (BL36)”. I have been trying to figure out the dimensions so I can make a reasonably decent copy. My concern is not to overload the capacity of the front lift or strap. What would help very much is to have some of the specs and measurements from it.

What are the dimensions of the frame that connects to the tractor?
-it looks like channel section-what is the web thickness & width?
-distance from cross bar attachment to rear of the box?

What are the dimensions of the box (depth/height/width)?

How much does it weigh empty?
How much of a load can it safely lift?
What is the maximum lifting weight or max safe lifting load for the front lift motor & strap?

How high will this lift go above the ground?


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Re: Front platform lift-BL36

Postby FarmallMan » Fri Oct 10, 2014 6:12 pm

I don't know the specifics of the accessory, but there's a pretty good photo of it in this document you can work from: It attaches with the accessory bracket you would use for attaching the snow blower or plow. I only saw one in person once, but IIRC the side tubes are slotted on the end to slide right onto the horizontal bar of the accessory bracket and are held in place with pins like the plow or blower would be. Guessing from the photo, it looks like the main tubes (front to back) are about 1.5" square, but use the accessory bracket for guidance here.

When installed, it's used with the lift strap doubled, so I would guess the usable weight range would be around 200-250 lbs, including the frame. Let your left tell you when to stop loading. A well maintained lift (good bushings along with a clean and freshly greased motor) has no trouble lifting the snow blower, so when it labors don't load any more. The front end can take the weight of a loader with load, so it will handle the weight. Steering can be a challenge with lots of weight out there, however.

Nick 8-)
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