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Postby m_c_0101 » Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:17 pm

I picked up an E-Z Vac 40e with a matching dump cart that appears to be made by/for E-Z Rake.
Does anyone have any information on the EZ Vac / EZ Rake carts?

The only E-Z Rake dump cart my research has turned up is the Model 55 which is smaller and lower to the ground. The model 40e brochures does mention a “dump cart (optional at extra cost)” but I had assumed it was referring to the GE cart.

I have attached a few pictures. The decal on the front of the cart is hard to read (and harder to photograph). In the right light it looks like E-Z VAC with the impellor logo (like the optional extension sides).
The bed is 30W x 48L x 12H (10 cu ft) and I think it is still in factory paint. Note how the bed has an X-brace instead of the square tube used on the carts by Ohio Steel (like the Elec-Trak).

Tim M
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Decal comparison
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