homemade "fork lift"

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homemade "fork lift"

Postby TMC » Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:31 am

I wanted to make a front lift attachment for moving logs, rocks, small round bales and anything else I can't lift by hand.  Jim at the Electric Tractor Store suggested I use a snow thrower implement mounting bracket to attach the forks to.  This was a good idea.  I think he has a couple of more, if any of you need one.  The lift isn't pretty, but it works well, was cheap and was simple enough that I could make it myself. The forks are 2"x1/4" flat bar and extend 16" out from the vertical forks. 

I can turn it into a platform lift in seconds by laying a small piece of plywood on the forks.  I intend to drill a hole in each fork so that I can bolt the plywood to the forks.

To maximize the lifting power of the "fork lift", I cut about 3 inches off of the ends of the mounting bracket to minimize the distance between a load and the lift strap. The metal shims on the left fork were needed because the left arm of the mounting bracket was higher than the right arm.

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Re: homemade "fork lift"

Postby roberttroll » Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:41 am

Nice Git-R-Done!

I have a small tractor scoop bucket that was given to me. Want to put it on the elec-trak. This gets the wheels turning again.
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