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GE I5 4QD150-24/36 conversion

Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:43 am

Here is the schematic for my I-5 4QD150-24/36 controller conversion. This model controller is four-quadrant to provide dynamic braking and doesn't have any of the relays which some other members have found troublesome on other 4QD products. It is jumpered for "wig-wag" mode so that the throttle lever can be used to switch between forward and reverse (center stopped) using a modified E15 throttle assembly connected to a 90 degree potentiometer. The controller has acceleration ramp control so there aren't any issues when switching directions (very similar feel to a hydrostatic drive).

I run the motor full field and have found it to be more than fast enough for my needs. It wouldn't be difficult to add a field resistor and shorting switch for a high speed mode if needed.

I have some pictures of the conversion but now realize I didn't take nearly enough photos. :oops:
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Re: GE I5 4QD150-24/36 conversion

Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:57 pm

Do you have a good source for the 4QD controllers?

I see they are available direct from their website. How is their technical assistance?

Re: GE I5 4QD150-24/36 conversion

Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:05 pm

I bought my controller surplus from a neighbor who used to build electric JetSki movers (I got the last controller). 4QD tech support answered my questions by email. Looks like the 4QD-200 price at current exchange rates is about $364. One of the members on the old site had a reversing relay failure on one of the smaller 4QD controllers. The 4QD-150 I have doesn't use any relays and can go diectly from forward to reverse without any issues. I modified an E-15 hand throttle to use a 1k 90 degree pot and set up the 4QD for center off throttle (4QD calls that wig-wag mode). The throttle gain and offset adjustments on the controller allowed me to set the neutral detent and full speed points to match up with the mechanical stops. My neutral point is at about 2/3 pot rotation to limit my reverse speed.

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