Faster Charging - 240V???

Faster Charging - 240V???

Postby jtcweb » Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:54 pm


I am new to the Elec Track but was wondering if a faster way to charge the batteries has been discovered in the last 35 years? I wouldn't be opposed to running a 30A - 240V circuit if there was a charger to take advantage of it. Or can the current chargers dump as much energy into the batteries as they can take?

What I'm thinking is come home from work and mow for an hour or so, plug in the tractor while eating dinner (another hour or so) and then go back out and finish.

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Re: Faster Charging - 240V???

Postby FarmallMan » Mon Jun 02, 2014 1:51 pm

I'm not sure how much lawn you have to cut, but you may not even need to recharge half way through. If you do find it's necessary, you can do the procedure you mentioned (charging while taking a refreshment break) with the stock charger. In fact, I remember reading somewhere in the literature where GE recommended doing this if the Elec-Traks were being used in a commercial setting. Charging current is highest at the beginning of a charge cycle and tapers off, so you can do quite a bit of good by charging while you're on break.

I looked up a spec sheet on the Crown CR235's that I have in my tractor. They recommend a max charging current of 25-30 amps. I have heard people say up to 0.2C is acceptable (for the 235AH batts that's around 47 amps, which I think is too much). If you stick to the 25-30 amp range, you can get a "modern" microprocessor controller that should run on 120 VAC. Just for comparison sake, I put the clamp meter on my tractor's stock charger after about 45 minutes - 1 hour of moderate use and the stock charger was putting out right around 16 amps. A microprocessor controlled charger will also take good care of your battery pack, which will help you get the most number of charge cycles (years of service) out of it.

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