Sears bagger conversion

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Sears bagger conversion

Postby dtimmel » Tue Oct 28, 2014 2:33 am

Since Hustler no longer sells the grass catcher kit for Zeon, this conversion may be of interest. A Craftsman 3-bin hardsided catcher, a frame built from stock metal, and a couple of Hustler Sport parts. A solution for front weights is also shown.


It is possible that the catcher for a Sport or some other Hustler model could be used as is or close to it. Because of a fluke in the parts software, there is no way to see the support structure in the former Zeon kit. If someone has a parts list for the Zeon catcher and can figure out if it matches other Hustler models, let us know, it could be an easier, if expensive option. In any case, I need larger capacity than the small 2 bag Hustler kit, for leaf collection.

A 3-bin catcher on my deceased Craftsman lawn tractor was my starting point. Since there are a lot of craftsman bagger units out there, new and used, this can be replicated. Mine is a hard bin model 917.249660. New Craftsman 3-bin soft-sided units are $360-$450. You won't use the lower chute that is specific to certain Sears mower decks, so it may not matter much which one you get. Take a look at the parts diagram, and maybe newer units have nifty attachment brackets that would be easier to mount than my older catcher.

My design criteria were that I have no drill press or welder, so I needed to use a hand drill and jigsaw, stock metal material, and simple square bolted connections.


The main issue is mounting the catcher as far foward and as low as possible, while clearing the hitch and rear cover. This was my way of doing it, with the verticals mounted as far aft as practical while being plumb. The bagger needs to bolt to a vertical surface to maintain the slight inward cant of the bin holder that holds the bins in. 2.5" square tube for the horizontal adds the additional depth needed for the bins to clear the hitch. Other methods could be devised.

The Hustler parts needed were available as of September 2014 because they are used for other Hustler 42" mower decks.
- 602577 CHUTE, CATCHER 42in. $86.42
- 112449 CHUTE, CATCHER BRACE 42in. $9.32
- 602688 BLADE, F20.50-H-F-CW $14.94
And 2 each of fasteners:
- 086660 NT .375-16 HXZY NL $1.16
- 767954 FW .406 X .812 X .060 SAE $1.16
- 025395 CB .375-16 X 1.00 STD ZN $1.16

A complete set of photos and explanation is at ... 7845895745
Click on the heading Zeon Grass Catcher Conversion to see the whole series from the beginning. (For some reason the opening page shows a selection in random order . . . )
NOTE: see next post for a Word doc that may be easier to access.

Happy to answer questions.

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Re: Sears bagger conversion

Postby dtimmel » Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:20 pm

Picasa acts unpredictably. So I am attaching the photos and explanation as Word doc.
2.6 MB. Tell if this is too big and I will resize the photos.
Craftsman Bagger on Zeon.docx
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Re: Sears bagger conversion

Postby roberttroll » Sun Nov 02, 2014 10:21 pm

Attachment is just fine.

All this Zeon work you guys are doing makes me really really want to get one. Going to keep my eyes open.
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Re: Sears bagger conversion

Postby dtimmel » Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:16 am

Looks like Rick in Sarasota FL must have at least one left.
That's' where I got mine. $3,000. Shipped motor freight in the factory crate to Maryland for $460. The advantage is it is "new" . . . as in not used . . . though it has been outside in the crate for a couple of years. The only issue on mine besides a little dirt was the protective film on the meter was fried brown and had to be scraped off. No rust, except some spots on the ROPS, where it had been dinged some. Of course you need new batteries, as you likely would if buying used.

The guys on this site will probably have an opinion about whether $500 for Interstate SRM-29s is a good deal or not. Rick will sell it with or without new batteries. The SRM-29 are flooded, about 100 AH (19.5 hrs @5 amps, 6 hrs @ 15 amps), and at 13x6.75x10, completely fill the battery tray. I thought I might need to drive the machine off the loading dock into my trailer, so I took the Interstates. They work fine for me. Maybe you can talk Rick down on the mower or the batteries.

Lastly, you need $ for a 4-bank charger. I only used the OEM charger a couple of times and unplugged it immediately it reached charge, so I did not have the problems others have that used the unfortunate Zeon charger. I still have not had to add water. Here is a NOCO Genius for $320. There are other brands. I'd bolt this right in front of the seat.

mfrerking keeps finding Zeons on craigslist etc locally. My lawn tractor died suddenly, and I needed a mower pronto, so the FL deal was best for me.

Good luck!
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Re: Sears bagger conversion

Postby Evblazer » Fri Dec 05, 2014 4:49 pm

using the Sears bagger without the little bins allowed me to try out the big drag bag. The one I've been using is a turf king and so far I've hauled in about a dozen 3/4 loads with it. Filled up it is too much work to empty due to weight.
So far it has just been a lot of time but with the bagger the zeon is picking them up really well and once they are all dumped in a chopped up pile bagging them is really easy.
Thank you for posting your info on the bagger it has really expanded the use of the zeon and made it easier for my wife to live with.
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