Adding some bigger lead to the hustler zeon

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Adding some bigger lead to the hustler zeon

Postby Evblazer » Mon Mar 23, 2015 7:26 pm

My original pack on my hustler zeon although new was fried on arrival from the dealer with their leaving it on the charger indefinitely. At the end of last season I replaced one battery with a used US Battery of equivalent size to the 31XHS to get some leaf pickup done but at least one of the remaining Trojans was still very weak. Some maintenance over the winter with an occasional charge, cleaning, quick ride/weed mow I never used it too much. Now I'm on my tenth+ cycle with full water and a full charge I'm getting a max of 10-15 minutes of mowing before it drops because another battery dropping off.
Using a minnkota 440d charger, blades are well sharpened and balanced, connections are all tight, tires inflated and all debris is cleaned off everywhere so I'm thinking of starting off the new year with a new pack. I really need to at least be able to do the front 2/3rd of an acre in one mow as it is rather embarrassing 4+ charges to get just part of my lawn done. My little 24v 20amphr push mower mows a lot more square footage in a charge :oops:

The original Trojan 31XHS are
12.97 (329mm) x 6.75 (171mm) x 9.58 (243mm)
Due to the dealer and local support I'm thinking of going to a US XC2 which is
13 1/8 (333mm) x 7 1/16 (179mm) x 11 3/8 (289mm)
The Trojans of similar size being the T1275 however I'm having trouble finding them available locally
12.96 (329mm) x 7.13 (181mm) x 10.71 (272mm)

I'll have to take another look but I don't think it would be too much to move the seat and rear brace up to accommodate the height and I'll have to figure out a way to hold down the batteries since the current metal strap wouldn't work. The wires look long enough so it should be a pretty easy swap? Hopefully get me a lot more range then I have now and a bit more then the stock batteries?
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Re: Adding some bigger lead to the Zeon

Postby jdunmyer » Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:05 pm

You will have nothing but frustration until you replace the entire pack. The pack will always deteriorate to the weakest battery's condition; see: chain & weakest link.

What is the difference in Amp-Hour ratings between the stock-sized and your projected replacement batteries? I suspect that you'll actually be happy with a set of GOOD stock batteries, they rate them as able to mow 2 or 3 acres, according to the official GE spec sheet that I have.

I haven't seen much discussion about batteries on the E.T. forums, but it's a constant recurring topic on the electric golf cart forum that I frequent. Suffice it to say that a whole lot fewer gas carts would be sold if more people knew how to take care of the batteries in an electric cart. Here's a site belonging to a vendor of aftermarket cart hardware: When his home page pops up, look at the sidebar on the LH side and scroll down to the 3 articles on batteries: how batteries work, charging tutorial, and breakin methods.

That said, if you want to fool around and attempt to get "just one more job" out of your pack, try this: Using your DVM (digital volt meter), carefully measure and record the voltage on each battery. They should be VERY close, as in a couple hundredths of a volt from one to another. Use your regular automotive charger to charge the 'low' batteries to see if you can get them to rise to the occasion. Then, follow the 'breakin procedure on the above-listed web page.

I just noticed that you're talking about a Zeon; are those batteries similar to the E.T.'s golf cart batteries?

Good luck!
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Re: Adding some bigger lead to the Zeon

Postby Evblazer » Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:51 am

Thank you for the links and info. They are flooded lead acids like the ets but more sensitive 12v and a rated acre. I can't really put 6v in without major surgery and/or hanging batteries off of it or sitting them on floorboards. I have the 4 bank charger for 12v so I can't do 8s without a major expense and minor surgery on the machine.
The original batteries are 130ah@20hr and after some careful measuring just now with the existing batteries in I don't think any others would fit. They may fit new barely but swelled they would be wedged in there and really cut down or eliminate air space for the fan in the back of the battery box.
Today I put a voltmeter on the bad battery and when I started moving it dropped to 12 then 11 and when I turned on the blades iit slowly counted down to about 8 volts in a few seconds and eventuall it would hold 8 with no load and 6.7 cutting something substantial. It actually held there for 10-15 minutes till the rest of the batteries dropped enough to tell the mower the 48v pack was too low to now.
I'm going to see about a new pack today and wire up my link 10 and the individual volt meters I got so I can keep a close eye on the batteries.

I'm still on the lookout for a tractor near DFW texas or that I could afford shipped here.
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