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Zeon Batterry Replacement

Tue Jul 14, 2015 4:33 pm

I have to replace my Batterys after three years of use. Love this mower but don't want to change batteries every three years.
I've bought a Genius Noco 4 bank charger. And plan on running the batteries at 50% D.O.D.
And now I'm trying to decide on what batteries to buy.
I'm hoping some Zeon owners could share there experiences with replacing Batteries.
AGM, NICad, etc
I have a salesman that is recommending I go with AGM, no watering and lower life cycle cost. Just nervous paying the dollars unless I hear of someone else who Has had success with AGM
The Trojan 31XHS is $275 plus tax.

If you're considering AGM technology I'd recommend going with the Vision EV-31 will provide 1200 cycles at 50% depth of discharge which is twice the life of the Trojan 31XHS.
AGM batteries eliminate gassing and the need to maintain the fluid levels which prolong the batteries life.

Vision EV-31 @ $310 plus tax.

Cost per cycle:

31XHS = $0.45
EV-31 = $0.25

Re: Zeon Batterry Replacement

Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:03 pm


I went through this process last year with my Zeon. Did the research, agonized over what to replace my batteries with, looked into NICad, considered modifying the battery compartment to accommodate bigger batteries....

An old-timer gave me some advice which I took. He said the Trojans were great batteries. But, they weren't $100 per battery better! After giving it some thought, I went with a private label Deca (Ellis) battery (around $100 on sale). Its Amp/Hr capacity was the same as the Trojan. At the end of last season I could tell there was some run-time loss, but I had an old golf cart that required a set of 12v. Ended up putting last years set in it and I bought a new set for the Zeon this Spring. So, I didn't get to totally test the theory.

As you know battery life is a function of the manufacturer's quality, how much lead they contain, how well they are maintained, and how much they are abused. In the GE tractors, it not uncommon to get 6-8 years out of Trojan T-105's. But, there is more lead in them to degrade verses the 12v batteries.

The four-bank charger was a wise investment. It will reduce the amount of off gassing.

So, what I have accepted was to shoot for replacing every three years. If the old batteries still had some capacity, they can be sold on Craig's List for more than scrape or core value.

I have parked my Zeon for this year until I can get the stones, rocks, boulders, and stumps out of my new yard. Hopefully, by next Spring I can partially mow with the Zeon.

My two and one half cents worth... :ugeek:

Re: Zeon Batterry Replacement

Fri Jul 24, 2015 8:03 pm

I'm still struggling with my Zeon, getting 20-30 minutes runtime. My dealer said that the warranty would cover 50%. But he didn't know the price of the battery's or the warranty on the replacements.
Just waiting for him to call back.
The best price I got on Trojan 31XHS is $232 and East Penn DP31DT Marine battery $149
My hopes are that the dealer comes through on the warranty.
But my question is if I decide to go with the East Penn what could I expect for Total run time before mower cuts out?
I'm sure my Trojans gave me 2 hrs.
As mfrerking said an old timer told him the Trojans were great batteries. But, they weren't $100 per battery better!
I'll tell you one thing if I saw this discussion list before i bought my Zeon I would be driving an Elec Trak right now.
Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Re: Zeon Batterry Replacement

Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:37 pm

Just got a Zeon last month and bought some group 31 batteries from The local farm store $99 each, just to try it out. I was averaging 30-45 minutes of run time. I like the mower so much that I took the plunge and bought OEM Trojan 31XHS batteries. Now my run time is 60-80 average. FYI I got the batteries from 'Worldwide battery' (a distributor on the north side of Indianapolis), for $773.00 with the cores returned. $193.00 is expensive for each battery, but less than I could find anywhere else. Twice the money for twice the range... Also worth mentioning, the Trojans weigh 7 pounds more than the batteries you find elsewhere.

Re: Zeon Batterry Replacement

Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:01 pm

New to this forum but happy to contribute some experience. I'm running a Zeon on a 1.2 acre yard for the third year now and had to start with a fresh set of Trojan 31XHS batteries. The voltage after charge, at rest, is still 53.3 V for the entire pack and a charge lasts 60 minutes. I'm lucky to have a yard that is about the perfect size for the battery capacity, typically run it right down to 50% per mowing round (i.e. mower deck stops) and clocked a total of 70 hours on this set of batteries. Indeed have to be very careful about the charging, I still use the stock Zeon charger but measure the charge with a kill-a-watt and check electrolyte level of the batteries twice a year.

Re: Zeon Batterry Replacement

Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:32 pm

Hi Jake, are you saying that your original batteries lasted 3 years, and you just got new ones? I'm trying to pin down how long the OEM batteries will last. The original set in this mower were three years old when I got it, I found that the batteries were way low on water, and the charger boiled them. Otherwise they would still be good. I plan on taking better care than the last guy, my machine only had 44 hours on it, and I doubt the water had EVER been checked. I've already put 20 more on it. This mower is already saving me a bunch on gas every week, but can only be cost effective if I can maximize the life of the batts.

Re: Zeon Batterry Replacement

Fri Aug 28, 2015 12:08 am

I expect them to last much longer. When I bought the Zeon it had a bad set of batteries in it, probably frozen over a winter. I was able to mow a couple rounds with them but that set died quickly. I replaced them by the same OEM type battery (Trojan 31XHS) because I had no time to mess with it searching for and installing anything else yet. Took good care of them since and haven't noticed the capacity going down during the 2.5 seasons I have the mower now. So to summarize: my current set of batteries has 58 charge cycles on them with 70 hours of mowing on the clock and a total charge of 265 kWh according to the kill-a-watt.

Re: Zeon Batterry Replacement

Fri Aug 28, 2015 12:49 am

I expect you're right. When I asked the battery dealer how many cycles I could expect at 50% DOD he suggested that I could see 400+. (With proper care). I would be happy at 200. That would serve me several years. Everyone I've read that has had battery woes has either been using the wrong battery or not taking care of them. 7 pounds of lead is a big difference. I'm also really pleased with the quality of the cut.

Re: Zeon Batterry Replacement

Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:15 pm

Just an update on my issue. My dealer replaced my batteries under pro rated warranty. I had 138 hrs on mower after 2yrs and 10 months. approximately 75 charge cycles. And keeping the water topped up. Most of my mowing was 2 hrs therefore the batteries were down 90 to 100% depth of discharge, sometimes the blades cut out.
Now that I have new Batteries and much more education on lead acid batteries I will be running the mower to 50% discharge and charging with a Noco Genius 4 bank smart charger. I find after running mower an hour the meter is down to 5 bars out of 10. Hope to get much more than 138 hrs on this set of batteries. Hopefully by then Lithiums will be cost effective.

Re: Zeon Batterry Replacement

Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:11 am

I thought the Zeon electronics cut the deck automatically when the batteries are 50% discharged, said to protect the batteries from being discharged too far plus it keeps a bit of reserve to drive the mower back to a charger.

You can check this by doing a battery voltage measurement over the entire pack (e.g. on charge connector) about 1 hour after the mower deck stopped (so the battery had time to settle), on my machine this averaged 48.8 volts earlier this year, which according to the Trojan datasheets is somewhere between a 50 and 60% charge state.

I did a mowing round this evening and recorded the battery pack voltage as reported by the Zeon electronics. It took 64 minutes for the voltage under load (deck running & driving) to go down from 47.5 to 41 volts. At that point the mower deck stopped and battery voltage veered back up to 44 volt while driving back to the charging station. These voltages are of course much lower than static measurements but they are what the electronics have available internally to decide when to stop the mower deck. Updated the graph with gauge info (10 bars on display is 100%):


@Bob: if your mower used to run 2 hrs on a charge I'm wondering whether the deck cut-off point was configured too low (assuming that is configurable).
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