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Zeon 04A23 code

PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2016 3:08 pm
by friesentech
I am getting code 04A23 which means

Power conection is loose on the contactor, drive motors or traction controller. Internal diagnostic malfunction.
Check that all power connections are tightened to correct torque, Cycle key, if alarm persists traction controller will need to be replaced.

I get this message from time to time and my other symptom is that my my mower will discharge 1/2 way from sitting a week. I am wondering if I have a bad contactor aka main relay. Has anyone dealt with this problem?

My batteries are watered and I have a four bank minn kota charger.

My last problem is that one battery likes to boil whereas the others seem to not boil. What causes this?

Mower connections have no visible corrosion and are tight and they are all covered in protective paste.

Re: Zeon 04A23 code

PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2016 2:15 am
by Jake
I've not had that error code yet. If it is consistent to get this code starting with 04A23 (not 02A23) I would start to check all wires and connections from the contactor relay to the left motor controller and from there to the left wheel motor. Check if there's any damage to wiring underneath the mower (controller to motor segment is most vulnerable) or maybe clippings or dirt accumulated around the controller contacts that could cause issues.

The discharge 1/2 way within a week is definitely not right. I just started the 4th season on the same set of batteries and over last winter the batteries dropped to 80% charge in 3 months time. To test whether there is any short in the mower electronics or a bad battery I would charge the batteries and then disconnect the negative cable from the rearmost battery (the one going to the mower ground) and disconnect the chargers. Then measure batteries after a couple of days, if they still discharge then there's something wrong with the batteries themselves, if they hold their charge then the next component to check is indeed the contactor or maybe the charger if that one is permanently connected in your setup. Fault finding is often a process of elimination, adding electrical components back one by one in the circuit.

Re: Zeon 04A23 code

PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 10:33 pm
by friesentech
Actually I am getting 04A23 and 02A23 on a regular basis.

If the traction controller is the controller for the wheels there is then two of those controllers and the likelyhood of them both being bead is very slim. This leads me more to wanting to try replacing the contactor but that would seem to me to be a VERY reliable component. I have taken every connection apart and re-torqued it after cleaning and then applied protective paste.