Hustler Zeon 100 hour update

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Hustler Zeon 100 hour update

Postby Christopher rhode » Mon May 30, 2016 9:58 pm

Greetings all. Just wanted to update any new or current owners to my own Zeon experiences. Bought mine with 44 hours and just turned over 100. I've had no mechanical problems or codes with the exception of the code I was getting when I first got it. (The 02A62 code, which I posted about earlier that was easily fixed). I'm averaging .43 cents per charge, and just got 97 minutes runtime on my last mow. (Trojan 31xhs batteries). I've noticed my runtime soars on 80 degree days, so what they say about battery efficiency versus temperature must be true. I normally average around 50-70 minutes. I didn't use gas at all last year, and someone made off with my gas can I left by the garage door (full of kerosene and oil for my salamander) so I'll just keep using the Zeon again this year. It's such a pleasure to use and has a beautiful cut. I don't see ever going back to gas.

P.S. To whomever stole my gas can, I hope you didn't check it before you dumped it into that full size truck you're making payments on. You can keep the gas can too. (Kerosene should be kept in a blue container anyway) LOL.
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Re: Hustler Zeon 100 hour update

Postby mfrerking » Wed Jun 01, 2016 5:19 am

Bought mine with 36 hours on it. 106 hours now. Used it to mow season before last. Used very little last year due to new place having many rocks and boulders protruding from the ground. Managed to get the new back yard cleaned up enough to begin using the Zeon to keep it cut this Spring.

No problems to report. I actually like its handling better than my Hustler Raptor (gas). The raptor is clunky in handling when compared to the finesse of the Zeon. Also, use it to run back and forth to the neighbor's shop instead of the golf cart. It is a great machine as far as I'm concerned...
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Re: Hustler Zeon 100 hour update

Postby Jeff Antonucci » Fri Jun 03, 2016 2:03 pm

I really need to get one of these!
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Re: Hustler Zeon 100 hour update

Postby Bobhutch » Fri Jun 24, 2016 6:23 pm

I've got 171 hrs on my Zeon. If I'm not mistaken I'm blazing the trail. At 138 I had a new set of batteries replaced under prorated warranty.
At 33 hrs on the new batteries I run down 5 bars after 1 hour mowing, the same as when they were new.
The first set of batteries were run at 2 hrs to do my lawn with the deck cutting out about 1 in 5 mows.
Before getting the new set I purchased a Noco Genius 4 bank smart charger. Love that I don't have to add nearly as much water. For now I unplug the charger after 24 hrs. Just wondering if it would be better to leave it plugged in for days or weeks (in the winter) so it uses its maintenance cycle?
I'm babying these batteries slow breaking and I never mow more than 1 hour, so it takes 2 days to mow. 2 days doesn't bother me, especially when I don't have to smell gas fumes.
When I have time I would like to connect 4 voltage meters and temp gauge, since I was just introduced to Arduino boards thats the way I'll probably go.

I love Jake's setup. (always joked that I would connect my old iPhone to make the mower self driving). But thats no fun, I like listening to my music and mowing.
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Re: Hustler Zeon 100 hour update

Postby Jake » Thu Nov 03, 2016 3:19 am

Adding another report: 148 hours on the counter on the mower, 108 of those on a Trojan 31XHS battery pack purchased 3.5 years ago.

The good news is: battery capacity is still good, runtime is just a couple minutes less than 3 years ago and the battery "vitals" are solid (each charged battery is 12.74 V at rest with a s.g. of 1.3, variation between batteries is less than 0.1V). Here's a graph of a normal "mow-yard-until-deck-stops-and-then-charge" cycle:


This charge profile looks fine, a three stage charge pumping close to 85 Ah back into the battery pack. Trojan rates the 31XHS to be able to deliver 75A over 57 minutes so this discharge/charge balance is quite close. One improvement would be to raise the charge current in the first phase to the recommended 10-13% C20 value which would for this battery be 14 or 15 A instead of 7 A. I may have to experiment with connecting 2 stock chargers in parallel ...

The bad news is: the stock charger can NOT be trusted and will destroy batteries when charging them from a partial discharge. After blowing away some leaves and finishing the yard the next day using only 20% of the battery capacity before starting charge cycle 101 the graphs are:


The first charge stage is OK and the tapering down in the second stage starts fine as well but in this situation the charger does not detect the point where it should stop and switch to just a maintenance charge. Instead of finishing the charge at 9 hours with about 35 Ah total charge the charger does something more akin to an "equalizing cycle" cooking the batteries to 40 deg Celsius before finally giving up after 20 hours. As I had not equalized the batteries this season yet I didn't mind this particular charge cycle to turn out like this but if this is done during every charge then the batteries will run dry very quick.

So far for some battery lifetime experience and while on it more evidence about stock charger fail conditions. I'll continue to use this charger though as I rarely charge partially discharged batteries and at this point in time don't want to invest in a special 4 bank charger for lead-acid technology anymore. When this set of batteries is up it is time for a conversion to a Lithium chemistry. Not just to get rid of the battery maintenance having to check electrolyte levels 3 or 4 times per season (a chore) but also to get more capacity out of the same battery pack size at lower weight of that pack.
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Re: Hustler Zeon 100 hour update

Postby Evblazer » Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:14 am

I really should have refused that suspect battery when I picked my new pack up. It probably ruined the last year with the mower even with a 4 bank charger to try and balance things up. Since removing the 4 bank charger I used the stock charger a few times. The latest time I too 35 ah out of the batteries before the deck stopped and then the charger tried to put 90ah back in. I've since removed the batteries and chargers.

Not sure if you were serious about a second charger but if you want my old stock charger minus the plug to the mower pay shipping and it's yours. Im thinking of reusing the plug for my new charger so the stock wiring stays intact and I need to shut off the key to charge but I'm not sure If I'll do that or not. I may have found a source of the plugs unfortunately it is $25 to guess which one is the right kind.
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