Zeon mower power consumption

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Zeon mower power consumption

Postby friesentech » Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:11 pm

Does anyone know how many amps the Zeon mower takes on average while running? I am trying to figure out how big of a lithium ion battery pack I might need to get to run the mower. I am looking at a 48v pack that is 3400Wh and weighs 70lbs. Based on my calculations this is a 70ah pack where the original pack is like 150ah. However this doesn't weigh near as much and we can discharge deeper with newer battery technology. Thoughts? I only need to mow 1/2 acre in town so that is also something I should consider.
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Re: Zeon mower power consumption

Postby Jake » Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:18 am

Just measured it this evening after installing a lithium pack: 60A average with peaks to 100A when driving as fast as possible in higher grass. I'll send you a text, I'm in your neck of the woods and you can take a look at the lithium conversion if you want.
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Re: Zeon mower power consumption

Postby Evblazer » Thu May 11, 2017 10:54 pm

If I use sand blades (totally flat) with side discharge I might average a bit below 40 at my normal mowing speeds, gators about 50 and before I junked them megmo blades would be 85+ but rattled really bad and left a stripe in the center..

I'm maybe 40 hours into my lithium pack. The lithium pack will save alot of weight especially if you go with a 70AH pack. I went with a larger pack because my property is about 2.5 acres and it was taking me multiple charges to mow. I can now mow the whole thing in one shot and then mow some of it again. It is different than the lead acid for charging. With the old batteries i'd feel the need to plug in immediately and keep it charged and then I needed to do one cycle to kinda wake them up to get better range. With the lithiums I just park it when I'm done since the lowest my voltage has been is 45 which leaves plenty of capacity left. The day I'm going to mow I plug it in when I wake up and then mow a few hours later and don't even worry about a full charge because I have so much extra capacity.
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