E15 for sale - Savannah, GA

E15 for sale - Savannah, GA

Postby davidbr13 » Sat May 16, 2015 10:48 pm

I'm offering my E15 for sale for best offer. I'm in the Savannah, Georgia area. See details on the restoration I did at the following webpages:

Here's the start page
http://www.davesevs.com/E15restoration/ ... 20page.htm

Here's the finished product and the new deck I built (still 42" and rear discharge - uses standard ET blades)

The deck is the only attachment I have since it doesn't snow down here. Since the webpage was put together, I have added more lighting and have temporarily disconnected the winch. The batteries are nearly new (purchased this year), the charger I use is a 3 bank 10 amp per bank NOCO "Genius" charger. I use it as an offboard charger. I use it regularly during mowing season, and it is holding up really well. I never installed the fenders, but I do have them. I have a spare transmission that needs the axle seals replaced (it's a bit leaky), and I have the spare parts for a whole other transmission as well. I also have 2 extra blades that go with it. The replacement seat shown in the webpages is great, and the finishes on the frame and sheet metal are really holding up well.

The batteries alone sell for about $500, and the upgraded control system works quite well and should also be worth something. Schematics will go with the tractor, and I'll go over all the details with the buyer.

Contact me by email, and it might take me a bit to get back with you, but I will. PM's on this forum might not get answered, since I don't log on too often. ev_dave13 at yahoo
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