197? ge e15 for sale?

197? ge e15 for sale?

Postby bratfordf » Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:24 pm

I have a GE Elec-trak E15 that I bought this spring and fixed up. I refinished most of the rusty metal that really needed it and left the rest alone. When I got it, the paint had some rust spots on it from what I believe is "stuff" that a chicken left on it from the barn it came out of. Nothing needed any patches, just some surface rust. It hadn't been used probably for 20 or more years until I got it. I bought many parts and paint form the electric tractor store website including the paint, decals, motor circuit breaker, charger timer assembly, poly rollers for the mower deck, key switch, and I'm sure other parts that I don't recall. I put all new oversized tires on it (the old ones were rotted away). I put in all new batteries in it and have been mowing my lawn and hauling wood chips in my trailer with it all summer. The only thing that I need to do to it is replace the brake pads, and maybe upgrade the brakes at the same time if I find the right parts. Everything else works fine.
Anyways, I'm thinking of selling it to help me put a down payment on a new truck. What should I ask for it? I prefer to sell it to someone who knows how to work on a Elec-trak. If your interested, you can email me at bratfordf@comcast.net. its in southern New Hampshire.
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