eBay Elec Trak E16 Tractor, Mower, Plow, Snowblower, Flail M

eBay Elec Trak E16 Tractor, Mower, Plow, Snowblower, Flail M

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Elec Trak E16 Tractor, Mower, Plow, Snowblower, Flail Mower. Runs well.A classic

On eBay:

Please note that, unlike other Elec Traks you'll see listed, this E16 comes with six good GEL batteries!

Auction includes:
1973 General Electric Elec Trak E16 Tractor
Electric Mower Deck
Flail Mower (for electric conversion) Mott Hammer Knife Flail Mower. Tow behind. Designed for rocks!
Electric Snowblower.

Extras and Parts (all in one photo) thrown in free if you are the winning bidder:
Homeowner's Service Manual
Technicians Service Training Manual.
New anti-scalp roller for mower deck. Not yet installed.
2+ pairs Tire Chains and one pair tensioners. 1pair chains and tensioners are new.
extra helper springs and adjustment chains
2 convenience hitches. 1 is new.
Two-inch receiver for ball hitch. Needs new bolt welded onto it.
2 extra hoists in unknown condition.
3 extra mower motors, one of which is already working. 3 extra large bearings and 3 extra small bearings.
2 original chargers and one timer. I would assume these aren't working.
36 volt golf cart charger. This is what I used. Timer doesn't advance, but charge stops when full.
Available, but not included: Tripp Lite APS3636VR 3600 Watt 36 Volt Inverter and Charger with a APSRM4 remote control module. Some Elec Trak owners have installed right in or on their tractors. Charges batteries, provides power to any yard or construction tools. Plug in 120V right to your Elec Trak or use your Elec Trak to provide backup power in your house.
In-line battery desulfator. Power Pulse PP-36-L. Keeps the plates clean and extends battery life. I never installed, but hooked up a 12V maintainer to each battery when garaged.
New scraper plate for snowblower.
Actuators (one new), gauges, old speed control, lights, plug, power disconnect, etc.
Flail Knives. 1/3 bucket of extra Mott parts.
Weight Box for winter traction. (Shown in first photo.)

Tractor runs very well. I have seen videos of people using these to pull mobile homes around their yard. I've heard these got kicked out of the tractor pulls because they were too powerful.

The batteries test great, and are gel batteries. One battery has a crooked post, but has performed fine. Mower motors all run fine. Cut my lawn like a golf course.

Mower panel removed for side discharge, could use a safety cover. Anti-scalp roller was not installed, so deck will need to be straightened. I've read in the Elec Trak forums, many people have beefed up these decks with angle iron for strength. One spring shaft to hold mower is also bent. Could be straightened by whomever welds deck and adds roller. Extra springs could work on snowblower, but not sure.

The flail mower has a broken gas engine on it. Though the engine may be fixable, I bought it to take off the gas engine and switch to electric power. See posts on Elec Trak forums of guys who have put a snowblower motor on their Mott Flail mower. From what I saw, the snowblower motors, available from Elec Trak parts dealers, spin as the same speed as this Briggs and Stratton engine. Flail is missing end of hitch, I used with an improvised piece, rear guard missing which most people remove anyway. Replacement seat on tractor has some cracks.

This is a lot of fun. If I had more time, I might finish the restoration. It's works great now, just needs the mower deck straightened to start mowing.

Elec Traks, I hear, became popular with the "promise" of free power from nuclear. They didn't take off, because the battery technology at the time didn't advance as quickly as people hoped. There are all other kinds of electric attachments for them: rototillers, 36 volt chainsaws and hedge trimmers, even arc welders! If you buy my inverter as well, you could plug anything you want into it with regular 120 volt tools and appliances.

Contact me with questions, or to request specific pictures.

Listing may end early; don't hold off on bidding, as this is being offered on my local listserv as well.
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Re: eBay Elec Trak E16 Tractor, Mower, Plow, Snowblower, Fla

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